ISOMALT® is a sugar replacer consisting of disaccharide alcohols (Polyols) derived from sucrose in a patented process. As bulk sweetener, ISOMALT® can provide 1:1 replacement of sugar. Unique nutritional and physiological benefits make it ideal for use in Sugar Free, Tooth Friendly, Low-Calorie (2 Kcal/gm i.e. 50% of sugar), and Low-Glycemic consumer products.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Sugar free/Low GI (2) and 50% calories reduction compared to sugar therefore, suitable for health conscious as well as diabetics
  • Helps in remineralisation of tooth


High Boiled and Low Boiled Confectionery.

Indian Sweets
(Soan Papdi, Milk Pedha, Nut-Cracker etc.)

Coated Products


Jam & Fruit Spreads

Frozen Desserts/ Ice-Cream

Technological Benefits:

  • Longer Shelf life due to low hygroscopicity
  • Stability at high processing temperature
  • Optimized taste and mouthfeel
  • Enhanced and prolong flavour release
  • No major process changes required

For more information please refer website of Beneo-Palatinit GmbH, Germany.