galenIQ™ (Isomalt Ph.Eur., USP-NF, BP, JP)

galenIQ™ is a unique multifunctional filler-binder-excipient which is made from sugar. galenIQ™ is a white, odourless, water soluble crystalline substance the complies with the Isomalt monograph of the current Ph. Eur. USP-NF, BP and JP.

galenIQ™ is a water-soluble filler and binder, which is very low hygroscopic. galenIQ™ offers a wide range of grades based on solubility and customized particle engineering, making it suitable for oral solid dosage formats such as:


Direct Compression
(galenlQ™ 720, 721)

 Powder Blend
(galenlQ™ 721)

Wet Granulation, Agglomeration
(galenlQ™ 800, 801)

Capsule Filling Dry Blend
(galenlQ™ 960)

(galenlQ™ 981)

High-Boiled Lozenge

(galenlQ™ 900)

Pan Coating
(galenlQ™ 981)

For more information please refer website of Beneo-Palatinit GmbH, Germany.