galenIQTM is the swiss knife of pharma ingredients. It acts as a filler, binder and excipient. It is a white, odourless, and tasteless powder that has a sweetness that is similar to sugar. It makes pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations less complex, more effective and tastier. It is manufactured under cGMP conditions according to IPEC-PQG requirements for pharmaceutical excipients and complies with the current Ph. Eur., BP, USP-NF and JP monographs for Isomalt®.

Benefits Of galenIQTM

Physical Performance

- Low Hygroscopicity
- Different Solubilities Support Your Required API Release
- High Dilution Potential
- Unique Morphology

Organoleptical Profile

- Pure & Natural Taste
- Taste-Masking Potential
- Half The Sweetening Power Of Sucrose

Physiological Basis

- Non-Animal Origin : Derived From Sucrose
- Low Glycemic & Low Insulinemic Response (Sustainable For Diabetics)
- Cariostatic Properties (Does Not Promote Tooth Decay)
- No GMO Technology Involved

Chemical Stability

- Chemical Structure Provides Excellent Stability
- No Incompatiblities With APIs Examined
- No Reaction With Ingredients Containing Amino Groups

Technological Process Support

- Well Defined Particle Size Distribution
- Excellent Flow & Mixing Properties
- High Agglomerate Stability
- Ensures High Content Uniformity Even In Low Dosage Formulations
- Anti-Caking Properties

Image courtesy : ©BENEO

Applications Of galenIQTM