Sunett® (Acesulfame K Ph.Eur., BP, USP-NF)

Sunett® the calorie free & High Intensity sweetener also available in pharma grade.

Medicines that are effective and taste good lead to increased compliance with patients and , thus, support success of therapies. sunett® stability guarantees a long-lasting sweetness. sunett® remains completely stable at all common processing & storage conditions, as well as at broad pH & temperature ranges.

Sunett® Acesulfame K offers an excellent taste profile in individually optimized combinations with a range of other sweeteners. When used in combination with other sweeteners or polyols, Sunett® Ace K blends will ensure complete coverage of bitterness.


Sugar Free Lozenges

Powders and granules

Liquids and syrups

Chewable tablets & Effervescent tablets.

Pharmaceutical chewing gums

Key attributes:

  • Sunett® Ace K is fully stable from pH 3-9 and withstands heat treatment of up to 230 °C
  • Sunett® Ace K remains stable under common processing and storage conditions
  • Approved for use in prescription and OTC products in all major countries worldwide
  • International bodies such as FDA, WHO and JECFA have also confirmed the safety of Sunett®

For more information please refer website of Celanese.